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You Had Questions, We’ve Got Some Answers

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Last month Administrator Fugate did a blog post asking you for your questions about FEMA and/or emergency management in general.  You responded with some great ones and below is a video from Administrator Fugate answering a few:

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06/17/2012 - 11:27


Do they provide as donate deaf people who lives resident alone and deaf family alone need weather alert device comes with blue strobe light and bed shaker during sleep time as mainstream with hearing people hear the civil defense siren? They lives near by the beach and No one has install blue strobe light severe weather at Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind. Chief Engineering should inspect there and required them to have it for the public safety code by law. Hawaii Civil Defense Agency did not realize and have not thought about that one and they should have made one for them already but not still put off too longer since 2006. How can it be solve the problem to have without help just like fire code and tsunami code need to be equal like that. I had to speak with general attorney about it if decline then will request ADA help behalf on this case too.

Thank you for answering our questions, sir. You are a refreshing leader and we appreciate you being connected with the public. I look forward to the FEMA internship/job info blog and am glad to have helped with a new process. Thanks, again.

Thanks for being proactive in dealing with the public Administrator Fugate. It really makes a difference. I have one suggestion, or request, as it were. Please make it so I can share your postings and videos more easily on social networking sites. THANK YOU again!

In reference to the "future blog post" about student and internship opportunities at FEMA, here's the link: For more information on career opportunities, visit

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