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Tsunami Update 4: Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) deploying to Japan

At the request of the Japanese government, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is deploying two Urban Search and Rescue teams to assist in search and rescue efforts in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

As you may have seen in the news, the California Task Force 2 (CA-TF2) and Virginia Task Force 1 (VA-TF1) teams are deploying due to their direct agreement with USAID.  The teams consist of 70 multi-faceted, cross-trained personnel who serve in six major functional areas, including search, rescue, medical, hazardous materials, logistics and planning. In addition, they are supported by canines that are specially trained and qualified to be able to conduct physical search and heavy rescue operations in damaged or collapsed reinforced concrete buildings.

So how does FEMA fit into the picture? Here's part of our blog post when the CA-TF2 was deployed to New Zealand in response to the Christchurch earthquake:

You often hear US&R and FEMA in the same sentence, and the reason is because FEMA has developed disaster response agreements with 28 urban search and rescue teams located in various cities throughout the United States.   The teams are locally managed, but FEMA provides funding and program development support for the teams.

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- CA-TF2 website, Facebook and Twitter
- VA-TF1 website

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Info about Fairfax County's VA-TF1: http://go....

Info about Fairfax County's VA-TF1:

Go Forth and God Bless All.

Go Forth and God Bless All.

God bless everyone.

God bless everyone.

We need more teams than just these 2. Global dema...

We need more teams than just these 2. Global demands for disaster assistance are growing each year, particularly with back-to-back large details such as New Zealand to Japan. What if more than one international disaster is active, while something occurs on U.S. Soil? There are not enough teams to go around, and respect should be given to necessary down-time and debriefing after traveling a very long ways with gear, flight hours, etc.

Great Job, be honored that you are helping the wor...

Great Job, be honored that you are helping the world in such a good way.

Really bothered the Klamath Falls, Oregon have no ...

Really bothered the Klamath Falls, Oregon have no emergency plan incase of an Radioactive sitution. We no longer have fallout shelters, nor a place to go! We'be been forgotten! I've been raised to keep my emergency preparedness kit in stock yet am told I'm not allowed nor does anyone in Klamath County have any KI. I'm not stupid enough to "take" it, I simply would like it to be in my kit just in case the "worst case senario" does occur. Nope, I'm told you can't have it and WON'T be given any. We (the government) will dispurse it in the event that "WE" deem necessary. Hum....Since when is "KI" not MY right to have? I'm not asking for something I would take, but something that should be included in my preparedness kit. Too many questions and the answers are giving to me as if we're playing ring around the rose. <br />Welcome to America and the political game.

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