News of the Day: Volunteers Continue to Help Nashville Recover and Rebuild

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Last May, Tennessee was hit with deadly flooding, affecting thousands of residents across 46 counties.  The entire emergency management team responded, providing assistance to disaster survivors in the affected communities. The recovery efforts have been and continue to be an important part of our work here at FEMA, as we keep working with our partners at the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, with local officials, the private sector, faith-based and voluntary groups, and many others to help the impacted communities rebuild.

In short, this recovery has continued to be - and shows the value of - a team effort.

After a disaster happens, it takes many organizations and agencies working together to help individuals and the community get back on their feet quickly.  A critical member of the emergency management team is the volunteer community.  Through the generous giving of their time and energy, volunteer agencies provide many valuable services to disaster survivors.

In that light, we wanted to share this Columbus Dispatch story, highlighting how volunteer agencies are continuing to make an enormous difference in Tennessee’s recovery efforts.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities related to disaster response, visit the National Voluntary Organizations Active During Disasters website.

- Gracia

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A disaster can't be forgotten but thankful for...

A disaster can't be forgotten but thankful for the agencies and people who have the heart and strength to get this as a successful recovery.

It was really devastating and dreadful disaster. L...

It was really devastating and dreadful disaster. Like now from a deadly flooding Tennessee to quake in Christchurch and recently a tsunami in Japan. And very engaging also with the people who help and volunteered.

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