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Author: Andrew Velasquez III
On March 27, FEMA, the HHS Office of Minority Health and the National Council of La Raza co-hosted a webinar that highlighted the tools and resources available to help emergency management agencies strengthen relationships with the Latino Community.The emergency manager’s tool kit for Latino communities was one resource that was highlighted and discussed during the webinar. This tool kit is part of a collaborative partnership between the National Council of La Raza, the HHS Office of Minority Health and additional partners. It is designed to: Improve responsiveness not only to Latinos, but...
Posted On: April 11, 2012
Author: Mark Peterson
On March 1, 2012, the State of Illinois requested assistance from FEMA to conduct Preliminary Damage Assessments as a result of the severe storms and tornadoes that affected Illinois on February 29. Those same storms caused significant impacts across much of the Midwest and South, and we also received requests to support PDA’s in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Disaster reservists and staff from our regional and headquarters offices immediately deployed to the affected areas to support our states.Among the staff deployed was Susanna Marking, who in her day-to-day job is a...
Posted On: April 5, 2012
Author: Elizabeth Zimmerman
I want to provide another update on the recoupment process for disasters declared between August 28, 2005, and December 31, 2010, to make sure disaster survivors affected by the recoupment efforts are aware of important upcoming deadlines.In my February blog, I said we would send out Notice of Waiver letters to disaster survivors who may be eligible for a waiver, and we were committed to implementing the law to the fullest extent and to offer the fairest resolution possible for those who received improper payments at no fault of their own. As of March 30, we mailed more than 87,000 Notices to...
Posted On: April 5, 2012
Author: Marcie Roth
Disasters can strike anywhere, anytime and can impact anyone, so Wireless Emergency Communications project at Georgia Institute of Technology, to discuss the next Think Tank topic. Serino reminded participants that “FEMA needs to use the best technology available to communicate with disaster survivors and those with disabilities and access and functional needs.”He also noted that the Emergency Alert System test held in November of 2011 revealed several areas of improvement necessary for modernizing our national alerting systems, including problems with speed of the content and message...
Posted On: March 29, 2012
Author: Tony Russell
Small and minority business owners recently gathered in Dallas, Texas, to learn how to do business with FEMA and other federal and state agencies, in essence, becoming contractors. The dozens of business owners received critical information from FEMA, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. General Services Administration and the Texas State Procurement Division.As part of an effort to diversify the agency’s contractors, FEMA is actively seeking ways to strengthen partnerships with the private sector, and wants you to be a part of the process. You can access information online on how...
Posted On: March 22, 2012
Author: Rich Serino
As we start to get ready for this month’s conference call in Atlanta, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank everyone for your participation in the FEMA Think Tank. All of the ideas that you are sharing online and during the calls has been an example of creativity and collaboration at its best. Please keep the ideas coming!I look forward to hosting these calls at different locations around the country so I can meet with those of you who are serving on the front lines of emergency management. Talking with practitioners, teachers, leaders in the access and functional needs community ,...
Posted On: March 16, 2012
Author: Michael Widomski
Washington, D.C., March 13, 2012 -- Cecilia Muñoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, discusses the new partnership between AmeriCorps' Corporation for National and Community Service and FEMA. The new partnership is designed to strengthen the nation’s ability to respond to and recover from disasters while expanding career opportunities for young people. Along with our partners at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), we announced the creation of FEMA Corps, which sets the foundation for a new generation of emergency managers.  FEMA Corps...
Posted On: March 13, 2012
Author: Michael Widomski
Most of you have been following the tornadoes that struck several southern and mid-western states last week. As you may have read on this blog and in the news, FEMA and its federal partners remain in close contact with emergency officials in impacted states across the country.We did a post last March on FEMA’s role in responding to spring flooding, which also included an explanation of the disaster declaration process. As state and local emergency officials assess damage in their jurisdictions, we thought it would be helpful to citizens to once again explain how disaster declarations are...
Posted On: March 7, 2012
Author: Dan Stoneking
Engaging the private sector – including businesses, community and faith-based organizations, schools and individuals – in national, regional and local emergency preparedness, response and recovery is among FEMA’s highest priorities.Administrator Fugate recognizes – and actively promotes – the private sector, “from Fortune 500 companies to your local grocery store,” as an essential partner, a member of the “whole community” team that will help build the nation’s capacity to respond to and recover from a catastrophic event.As was proven in numerous disaster operations in 2011 – including Spring...
Posted On: March 6, 2012
Author: Gwen Camp
Today President Obama declared March 2012 American Red Cross month. Here at FEMA, we join the White House in saluting the organization on their many contributions to emergency response. We are grateful for their constant partnership and take a moment to reflect the broad scope of their work with disaster survivors across the country.  Just as they are responding to the severe weather in the Midwest today, this past year alone, the American Red Cross aided survivors and communities in response to storms, flooding, fires and tornadoes in 46 states and territories. In one stretch, the Red...
Posted On: March 1, 2012


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