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Author: Walt Ehmer
Editor's Note: The views expressed by Walt Ehmer do not necessarily represent the official views of the United States, the Department of Homeland Security, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA does not endorse any non-government organizations, entities, or services.Preparation is a big part of our job at Waffle House® Restaurants. Since we never close, being prepared for the unexpected is as big a part of our job as is cooking hashbrowns, waffles and eggs. When running a 24/7 restaurant if you don’t plan well, then every day will be an emergency.This culture of planning for...
Posted On: May 30, 2012
Author: Andrew Velasquez III
As you may already know, the NATO summit concluded in Chicago, Ill., last Monday, May 22. With the delegations departing to their home countries after two days of important discussion, the interagency support for the summit also comes to a close.Since learning about the event in November 2011, FEMA through our regional office in Chicago has worked hard with our federal partners to ensure that the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago were well supported before, during and after this high-level event.FEMA works with the Secret Service, FBI and our other federal partners whenever an event...
Posted On: May 29, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
Back in early April we blogged about a special visitor to FEMA.  At the time, Flat Stanley was making the rounds in Washington, DC and dropped in at FEMA headquarters to spend a little time with me.  Take a look at the latest meeting I had with Flat Stanley and what we have in mind for helping prepare everyone for hurricane season.  FEMA, through our Ready Campaign, is working in collaboration with Flatter World and the Flat Stanley Project to bring awareness to school aged children about the need to be prepared for emergencies and disasters and what they can do to help...
Posted On: May 25, 2012
Author: Rich Serino
Earlier today, I spoke at the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Conference in California in recognition of National EMS Week. It was great event, and it underscored the important role that EMS professionals play in our communities.In my speech today, I noted how the EMS field is a critical part of the larger emergency management team, operating at the intersection of public health and public safety. As someone who served in the EMS community for more than 35 years, I have watched how technology and new innovations have changed the profession. And while the tools that we use have...
Posted On: May 23, 2012
Author: Mark Brady
Editor’s note: Each day, in cities across America, people involved in medical emergencies call 911 for assistance. Within minutes, they hear sirens letting them know help is on the way. Whether employed by private organizations or local, state or event the federal government, emergency medical technicians are making a difference. As we often say, a true team effort is what leads to effective emergency management - and the contributions of the Emergency Medical Services community are invaluable to that success. To help commemorate National EMS Week, here’s a blog post from the Prince George’s...
Posted On: May 22, 2012
Author: Ernest Mitchell
The fire service is a major provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in America. The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is committed to supporting EMS through the many training programs of the National Fire Academy (NFA) and the research and data collection activities of the National Fire Data Center. The 2012 National EMS Week – EMS: More Than A Job. A Calling – is May 20 thru May 26.I would like to share with you some of USFA’s initiatives that will help ensure vibrant and effective EMS systems throughout the nation: In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of...
Posted On: May 21, 2012
Posted by: Craig Fugate, AdministratorEvery year, to mark Public Service Recognition Week, hundreds of candidates are nominated for Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals, also known as the SAMMIEs. These awards acknowledge America's dedicated federal workforce and highlights those who have made significant contributions to our country. Honorees are chosen based on their commitment and innovation, as well as the impact of their work on addressing the needs of the nation. I am pleased to announce that Dan Stoneking, FEMA’s Director of the Private Sector Division, has been selected as a...
Posted On: May 9, 2012
Author: Rich Serino
The next FEMA Think Tank call will take place on Tuesday, May 15 from Joplin, Mo. The call will focus on recovery and how we can better prepare for a more rapid, cost effective, sustainable and resilient recovery in our communities.Between December 2011 and March 2012, 10 stakeholder forums were held to discuss the National Disaster Recovery Framework. During these forums federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments, voluntary and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector discussed challenges and opportunities regarding preparing for, and recovering from, a disaster....
Posted On: April 27, 2012
Author: Rich Serino
This week, people across the country are celebrating National Volunteer Week, and at FEMA, we’re happy to join in that celebration. To all the volunteers: thank you. Thank you for volunteering and playing a vital role in strengthening your communities.Yesterday I spoke to volunteer organizations about how FEMA values and works with the volunteers that step up during and after disasters to help get communities back on their feet. In fact, we can’t talk about community resiliency without mentioning volunteers. They play a key role during disaster response and recovery, and volunteers are...
Posted On: April 20, 2012
Author: Paulette Aniskoff
It’s National Volunteer Week! Join us in recognizing the amazing volunteers nationwide that donate their time in an effort to give back to their community. Last year more than 64 million Americans spent hours in shelters, faith-based and community groups, schools, and other areas making a difference through service. And more than 3 million Citizen Corps-sponsored volunteer hours were logged for supporting preparedness and response activities representing over 65 million dollars for the year.I’d like to congratulate volunteers everywhere, in particular the Citizen Corps volunteers that promote...
Posted On: April 19, 2012


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