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Author: Public Affairs
Joplin, Mo., September 22, 2011 -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (middle), FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino (right) and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan tour the damaged high school. Just four months after a tornado destroyed the school, students were able to start the new school year on time in temporary facility.Yesterday, we shared a blog featured on the Blog @ Homeland Security from Secretary Napolitano describing her visit to Joplin, Mo. alongside FEMA Deputy Administrator Rich Serino and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to survey the progress of the ongoing...
Posted On: September 23, 2011
Author: Janet Napolitano
Editor's Note: This was originally posted on the The Blog @ Homeland Security of the Department of Homeland Security on September 22.Today I visited Joplin, Mo. with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and FEMA Deputy Administrator Rich Serino, to survey the progress of recovery efforts on the ground. When I last visited Joplin in June, I told our team of federal, state, local and community partners that we would not leave until the job was finished and today, three months later, we remain committed to helping the people of Missouri rebuild.Joplin, MO, September 22, 2011 -- Education Secretary...
Posted On: September 22, 2011
Author: Dr. Todd Jones
In May 2011, as tornado sirens sounded, hospital workers at St. John's Regional Medical Center rushed to pull 183 patients to safety as one of the largest tornadoes on record bared down on their southwestern Missouri city. Breaking glass and the roar of the powerful storm deafened the dark hospital as power was lost.Dennis Manley, the hospital's director of quality and risk management, played a critical role as the hospital's incident commander following the deadly tornado. Guiding his hospital through a chaotic disaster was challenging but not completely unfamiliar territory thanks to...
Posted On: September 14, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
The latest forecast map from the National Hurricane Center.  For severe weather watches/warnings in your area, visit Hurricane Irene makes landfall on the North Carolina coast, we’re continuing to support our federal, state, local and tribal partners in the areas already affected, and those areas that may be impacted by the storm. If your community is under an imminent threat, it is critical that residents and businesses listen to the instructions of their local officials, closely follow news and weather reports, and evacuate, if told to do so.While the “category” of a...
Posted On: August 27, 2011
Author: Dan Stoneking
Joplin, MO, August 22, 2011 -- Walgreen on 20th Street and Range Line re-opens after it was destroyed by the EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. Walls and a roof on the building only took nine days to build. FEMA is in the city to provide assistance to the disaster survivors.On August 22, three months following the devastating tornado, I visited Joplin, Missouri. I wanted to see first-hand how the public and private sector were working hand-in-hand in recovery, bringing their community back – stronger and better than before. While touring the area, I met some amazing business owners and managers...
Posted On: August 26, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Over the past few days, we’ve shared a lot of stories about how the Joplin community has pulled together to make sure their students could start their school year on time, after the devastating tornado earlier this spring. As the students in Joplin return to school today, we wanted to share some additional stories.The Los Angeles Times had a touching article, “In Shattered Joplin, Kids Head Back to Class,” which told several personal stories from teachers and students who recall what it was like on May 22 when the tornado ripped through their city and schools. Seven students and one staff...
Posted On: August 17, 2011
Author: Libby Turner
Joplin, Mo., August 10, 2011 -- Firefighters who were first on the scene when an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011 tore a path in Joplin participated in the opening ceremony of the "I am Joplin" event, a back-to-school gathering attended by thousands of school-aged children and their parents at Missouri Southern State University.After a community goes through a devastating disaster, like the EF-5 tornado that struck Joplin in May, the road to recovery can be long and daunting. While debris is removed and homes and businesses are rebuilt, survivors often look for signs that things really can return...
Posted On: August 15, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
As we mentioned yesterday, we continue to closely monitor tropical storm Emily. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center includes a tropical storm warning for Puerto Rico, Haiti, Vieques and Culebera, as well as a tropical storm watch for the U.S. Virgin Islands.This video from Administrator Fugate discusses what we’ve been up to, and how you can get prepared:Visit for the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center, and visit the Severe Tropical Weather category on the blog.
Posted On: August 2, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Recently, we have seen a lot of questions and news coverage about why tornado survivors in Alabama may or may not be receiving federal aid assistance. Disaster survivors in Alabama and other parts of the nation have been through a lot, and we’re working hard to ensure that everyone who is eligible for federal assistance gets the help they need.We’ve spoken before about questions regarding federal disaster assistance. However, we wanted to take a moment to explain FEMA disaster assistance eligibility. Individuals and families in a declared area whose essential property has been damaged or...
Posted On: July 22, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
It has been a year of deadly and destructive tornadoes across the United States. Unfortunately, the active weather has put many communities – Joplin, Mo.; Cordova, Ala.; Smithville, Miss., just to name a few – in the similar situation of dealing with overwhelming damage and tragic loss of life. But they are not alone.Last week, several communities that were impacted by tornadoes this year participated in a FEMA-organized, sustainability workshop in Greensburg, Kan. (read a recap of the workshop from Deb Ingram, Assistant Administrator, Recovery). Four years ago, in 2007, an EF-5 tornado...
Posted On: July 8, 2011
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