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Author: Public Affairs
Editor’s note: the blog post is cross-posted from the White House blog and updated May 30 with a video and photos.Today, President Obama traveled to Joplin, Missouri to meet with those in the community who lost so much in the tornados last week and participate in a Memorial Service at Missouri Southern University.Before the Memorial Service, President Obama visited one of the neighborhoods that was devastated by the tornadoes. After seeing the extensive tornado damage the President spoke to the people of Joplin and reminded them that they are not alone in this tragedy:The main thing I just...
Posted On: May 29, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
The survivors of the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri, in Alabama and Mississippi, and in all other states currently recovering from disasters have been through a lot and we are committed to helping them every step of the way.When survivors apply for individual disaster aid through FEMA, their needs are assessed based on a number of factors, based on eligibility requirements laid out under federal law. After a survivor registers with FEMA, they receive a letter from us explaining the status of their application, and whether or not they will receive assistance.We know the recipients of these...
Posted On: May 28, 2011
Author: Rachel Racusen
In the past few days, we've heard questions about what percentage of funding FEMA covers for aid to disaster survivors and states when a presidential disaster declaration is approved for a given area.As Administrator Fugate took a few minutes to explain, there is a difference between the "cost-share" or funding responsibility FEMA takes on for individual disaster survivors and for states. If you are an individual living in a disaster area that has been approved for individual assistance, which can help cover repair or replacement costs for your home, FEMA covers the entire amount of aid...
Posted On: May 28, 2011
Author: Michael Byrne
Birmingham, AL, May 20, 2011 -- At the FEMA/State Joint Field Office, FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Michael Bryne and State Coordinating Officer Jeff Byard refer to a map showing damage areas from the deadly April tornado. FEMA and the state are partners in disaster response.One month after the devastating tornado outbreak in Alabama, our goal remains the same: helping the state, its communities and its people recover from the damage and dislocation caused by the storms.Our priorities are a livable home, removal of debris and rebuilding of homes, businesses and public facilities. This...
Posted On: May 27, 2011
Author: Michael Byrne
One month ago, much of the town of Phil Campbell in Franklin County was destroyed and many residents tragically lost their lives from a series of tornadoes that swept through Alabama, leaving many residents in the community homeless. As each day passes, we continue to admire the strength of these communities as they work together to help their neighbors recover.Since the tornadoes struck, we’ve been working closely with our federal, state and local partners to meet the needs of disaster survivors. One way FEMA helps survivors after a disaster is by working with our state and local partners to...
Posted On: May 27, 2011
Several blog posts have talked about how the federal assistance process often works in various disasters. When the President authorizes a disaster declaration, he authorizes a variety of response and recovery programs; and one of those programs is our public assistance program.The public assistance program provides grants to states who provide funds to applicants from state, local, tribal and territorial governments and certain private, nonprofit organizations for emergency work (such as debris removal or sheltering) and repair and replacement work, such as repairing damaged schools, fire...
Posted On: May 25, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Editor's note, June 2, 2011: Added Administrator Fugate's video about the best ways to help the people of Joplin.To help manage the generous outpouring of support for Joplin, Mo., tornado survivors, disaster recovery experts have established some simple ways to help, whether volunteering or making donations.Along with our partners at the Missouri Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, here are some specific ways to help those impacted by the recent storms and tornadoes.Donate or Volunteer The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency has established a web portal to coordinate...
Posted On: May 24, 2011
Author: Michael Bolch
Snow Hill, NC, April 25, 2011 -- Properties in Greene County, N.C., await cleanup and recovery following the deadly tornadoes and severe storms that swept through the state April 16, 2011.It’s hard to believe it has been one month since a series of deadly tornadoes and storms ripped through several North Carolina communities, taking the lives of 24 residents and causing millions of dollars in property damages. I wanted to give a personal update on the ongoing recovery efforts in North Carolina and provide a few examples of how FEMA continues to work with all members of the emergency...
Posted On: May 20, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
We are continuing to support the emergency management team across the southeast as they recover from deadly storms and tornadoes.  Here are some of the latest photos from our Photo Library, highlighting some of the ongoing recovery efforts.Griffin, Ga., May 4, 2011 -- A Catoosa County resident confirms the necessary paper work for filing an application to receive federal funding for damage from the April 27, 2011 tornado. FEMA Disaster Assistance Employee Carol Hill, at the Catoosa County Disaster Recovery Center, explains the process.Concord, Ala., May 4, 2011 -- Federal Coordinating...
Posted On: May 9, 2011
Author: Eric Smith
We have written a lot on this blog about what individuals can do to prepare for a disaster, and how we are working with the entire emergency management team to get the word out about the importance of preparedness, but we wanted to take a second and shed more light on the steps we and our state partners take to move needed emergency supplies to reach disaster survivors.It's our job to be ready at all times to support our state and local counterparts when disaster strikes, and the way we get supplies to affected individuals and communities follows this same goal. At all times, FEMA has...
Posted On: May 5, 2011


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