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Author: Rachel Racusen
Posted By: Rachel Racusen, Director of Public AffairsAs FEMA and the FCC continue to collect feedback about yesterday’s nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, we’re getting a lot of questions about how the test was received. Yesterday’s test served its intended purpose – to identify gaps and generate a comprehensive set of data to help strengthen our ability to communicate during real emergencies.We have already begun to receive information indicating that while the test was received by thousands of test participants across the country, there were some instances in which the test...
Posted On: November 10, 2011
Author: Damon Penn
By: Damon Penn, Assistant Administrator, National Continuity Programs(Editor's note: updated 6:30pm EST)After years of hard work with all of our partners, and months of providing updates on this blog, today, FEMA, the FCC, NOAA and communications service providers, and many others administered our first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. We are currently collecting data about the initial results, and it will take the test’s participants several weeks to send us the full results of their tests.As we have been explaining throughout this process, this initial test was the first...
Posted On: November 9, 2011
Author: Darryl Madden
Posted by: Darryl Madden, Director of the Ready CampaignI'm proud to introduce Administrator Fugate, with a video message about the completely redesigned As the Administrator said, is where you can learn how to prepare your home, family or business before a disaster strikes. Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death if an emergency happens, and we continually encourage Americans to take the simple steps of being informed, making a plan and getting a kit – three main areas on the site.While the new site is our latest development, I'd like to remind...
Posted On: November 8, 2011
Posted by: Public AffairsWith the national emergency alert system test only two days away, we wanted to remind you what you can expect during the test. As a reminder, the test will take place this Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 2 PM EST. The test will occur on all broadcast radio and television stations, cable television systems, satellite radio and television systems, and wireline video service systems. The test will last approximately 30 seconds, after which regular programming will resume. The test will not involve landline or mobile phones or other forms of communication such as...
Posted On: November 7, 2011
Author: Paulette Aniskoff
Posted by: Paulette Aniskoff, Director, Individual and Community PreparednessWho would have thought the cold and blustery weather, along with the white fluffy stuff, would show up this soon? Although we are approaching the end of hurricane season, we were recently forced to shift our focus to winter weather risks as we were harshly reminded that disasters happen year-round.While some may enjoy the colder weather and the accompanying snow, others like myself, prefer the warmer temperatures. Regardless of your view on cold and snow, now is the time of year when temperatures drop. It is also the...
Posted On: November 7, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate
Posted by: Craig Fugate, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency and Julius Genachowski, Chairman, Federal Communications CommissionThe first ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will occur on Wednesday, November 9, at 2:00 p.m. EST. As part of our public education campaign, we wrote this open letter to ensure that all Americans are aware of the test and know what to expect.Please share this information with your friends, family, and coworkers: Dear Partner,As part of our nation’s ongoing efforts to strengthen our resilience against all hazards, the Federal Emergency...
Posted On: November 4, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Editor's Note (Nov 2): Visit for more information, including our new widget.Over the past few months, we have written on this blog about the upcoming nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, which is now less than two weeks away. The test will take place on Wednesday, November 9th at 2:00 pm eastern standard time, and will be the first time this system, which is often tested and used by officials at the local level, will be tested across the entire country.The national Emergency Alert System is an alert and warning system that can be activated by the President, if...
Posted On: October 28, 2011
Author: Shayne Adamski
Here’s a short video from Administrator Fugate announcing the FEMA App is now available for Apple devices: After we launched the App for Android devices, we received feedback from users and have made some updates to the version for Apple devices. One of the things that people said is that the popup box in the map section was cumbersome on a phone’s small screen, so we:  Moved the disclaimer language to its own page so users can interact better with the map. Gave users the opportunity to choose between the Map view and the List view, whereas before, the App took the user directly...
Posted On: October 27, 2011
Author: Paulette Aniskoff
I am thrilled to announce the winners of the 2011 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards! We received applications from 36 States, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The applications reflected the full breadth of the emergency management team, with submissions from faith-based, tribal, non-profit, private sector, and community-based organizations, as well as individuals.Winners showed incredible innovation and creativity. I am honored to recognize organizations such as the Washington State Emergency Management Division and individuals like the late John D. Solomon who...
Posted On: October 20, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
We’ve mentioned the Great California ShakeOut several times on the blog, but wanted to put out a friendly reminder now that it’s right around the corner. On Thursday, October 20, at 10:20 a.m. Pacific time, over 8 million people will participate in an earthquake drill to practice how to safely duck, take cover, and hold on in the event of an earthquake.With the ShakeOut just a few days away, here are a few reminders about the drill:  You don’t need to be in California to participate - The recent earthquake on the East Coast shows that earthquakes can happen practically anytime,...
Posted On: October 18, 2011


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