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Author: Lars Anderson
Each year the Atlantic tropical season begins on June 1. Generally speaking, any given year during the Memorial Day weekend, employees at FEMA are “thinking” about the upcoming hurricane season…not actually “monitoring” a tropical system. However, this year we haven’t even reached June 1, and we’re already monitoring the second storm of the year. Late yesterday, the tropics developed Sub-Tropical Storm Beryl.Because of the development of Beryl and the expected track, the National Weather Service has issued tropical storm watches and warning for areas of the southeast. The advisories are for...
Posted On: May 26, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
Back in early April we blogged about a special visitor to FEMA.  At the time, Flat Stanley was making the rounds in Washington, DC and dropped in at FEMA headquarters to spend a little time with me.  Take a look at the latest meeting I had with Flat Stanley and what we have in mind for helping prepare everyone for hurricane season.  FEMA, through our Ready Campaign, is working in collaboration with Flatter World and the Flat Stanley Project to bring awareness to school aged children about the need to be prepared for emergencies and disasters and what they can do to help...
Posted On: May 25, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
Bill Read, the Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center, announced that he plans to retire by this June.All of us across FEMA and the larger emergency management team will greatly miss Bill and thank him for his outstanding service to our nation throughout his career, spanning more than four decades. Bill not only brought tremendous leadership to the National Hurricane Center, he was also a great friend and partner to FEMA and state and local officials across the country.Under his direction, FEMA, NOAA and the National Hurricane Center...
Posted On: January 14, 2012
Author: Rachel Racusen
Posted by: Rachel Racusen, Director, Public Affairs We've got some good news, some "not so good" news, and some more good news regarding hurricane season.The first bit of good news is that today marks the official end to the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season.  And lest anyone forget, this year's hurricane season was very active.  2011 tied for one of the busiest tropical seasons on record in the Atlantic.  Since keeping records as far back as 1851, this season tied with 1887, 1995, and 2010, where there were a total of 19 tropical storms of which seven became hurricanes,...
Posted On: November 30, 2011
Posted by: James N. Russo, Federal Coordinating Officer, Vermont Tropical Storm Irene Charlotte, VT, October 16, 2011 -- A mobile hay wagon displays FEMA's disaster assistance information on Route 7 in Charlotte, Vermont. The Vermont Farm Bureau and FEMA are working together to encourage those affected by Tropical Storm Irene to register by the October 31 deadline. In a state where billboards are banned, FEMA has had to get a little more creative about getting our message to the public.Much of Vermont was flooded by Tropical Storm Irene in late August and our private sector liaisons and...
Posted On: November 2, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Earlier today, the National Hurricane Center downgraded Rina to a tropical storm, and their latest forecasts say the storm will have a limited impact on the U.S. mainland or territories. As Rina is losing its strength, we’re also closely watching another potentially developing storm in the south Caribbean.While it’s good news that Rina isn’t expected to pose much of a threat, the current activity in the tropics is a reminder that the Atlantic hurricane season lasts until November 30. As we near the end of the season, hurricanes and tropical storms are likely to form in the Caribbean, and can...
Posted On: October 27, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
We continue to closely watch Hurricane Rina as it swirls in the Caribbean. Rina currently has maximum sustained winds of over 100 mph, and is forecast to approach the Yucatan Peninsula by Thursday morning.While it is still too early to know whether Rina will affect the U.S. mainland or territories in the Caribbean, our regional offices in Atlanta, New York (responsible for supporting Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands) and Denton, Texas are closely monitoring the storm. For the latest updates on Hurricane Rina or developing severe tropical weather, visit the National Hurricane Center...
Posted On: October 25, 2011
Posted by: Public AffairsWe’re closely monitoring Hurricane Rina in the western Caribbean.  According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Rina will gradually turn toward the west over the next 48 hours, remaining in the Caribbean through Friday.While it’s still too early to know if Rina's track will affect the U.S. mainland or our territories in the Caribbean, Rina’s development serves as a reminder that we are still in a very active hurricane season.Here are some tips for preparing for severe tropical weather:Remember to include items like a flashlight, hand-crank radio, and a...
Posted On: October 24, 2011
Author: Don Boyce
Even as the leaves change color in New England, many communities across the region are still working hard, recovering from the damage from this past season’s destructive weather.At FEMA, we continue to work closely with our state and local partners that are still recovering from the tornadoes that swept through the Connecticut River Valley and the aftermath of tropical storm Irene. Both events affected homes, businesses and communities in all six states in the region. We continue to support individuals and communities affected by these disasters, and the recovery has come a long way, as this...
Posted On: October 17, 2011
Author: Stephen De Blasio
Dayville, CT, Brooklyn, CT, September 29, 2011 -- FEMA Community Education Specialist, Steven Klein, right, shows a Mitigation activity book to local resident Dylan Lacasse, 3, during a community education outreach event at Lowe's. FEMA specialists distributed over 200 cd's that include mitigation publications for Tropical Storm Irene.It’s been a month since President Obama’s Sept. 2 major disaster declaration for the state of Connecticut following Tropical Storm Irene. FEMA and its state partners continue to make major strides in the support of the Constitution State’s recovery.Providing...
Posted On: October 3, 2011


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