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Author: Robin Finegan
As many of you are aware, since this winter, we have been working extensively with all of our state partners to prepare for and respond to a very active flood season. As these efforts continue, we’re very closely monitoring the situation in Minot, N.D., where water levels in the Souris River are predicted to reach record highs and bring historic flooding to the community. There have been predictions of flooding on the Souris, but only recently did we learn just how major that flooding was going to be. And, as with any flood or disaster, it is critical that people follow the instruction of...
Posted On: June 22, 2011
Author: Beth A. Freeman, Robin Finegan
The National Weather Service anticipates that several areas of the Missouri River and North Platte River could experience potentially record-breaking water levels this summer as snow melts and descends from the Dakotas and Rocky Mountains, and additional rainfall continues to be much higher than normal in some areas that feed the Missouri River Basin.Many areas in our regions are already experiencing flooding, so we wanted to provide a quick update on what FEMA’s doing to be prepared in case the flooding worsens, and share some ways to stay safe if you live in the potentially affected area....
Posted On: June 3, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
We continue to support the affected states and the entire emergency management team in the ongoing recovery, from the severe storms in the Midwest to the heavy flooding along the Mississippi River.Throughout every step of the process, we continue to work with our partners to support those impacted by the recent disasters. Here are some of recent shots from our photo library that show the emergency management team in action:Joplin, Mo., May 29, 2011 -- FEMA personnel work inside a Mobile Emergency Response Support vehicle, equipped with video and telephone communications equipment. FEMA is...
Posted On: May 31, 2011
Author: W. Montague Winfield
Over the past month and a half, the Central U.S. has experienced a host of disasters – from the historic flooding along the Mississippi River to deadly tornadoes and severe storms that claimed hundreds of lives.I wanted to take a minute to provide an update on the ongoing recovery efforts in the Volunteer State and make sure that survivors have the information they need to register with FEMA for disaster assistance.I’m proud to say that since President Obama made federal disaster assistance available on May 1, Tennessee has been approved for more than $9 million in federal aid. These funds...
Posted On: May 31, 2011
Author: Ed Connor
Editor's Note: This post was updated May 18, 8:45 a.m.Over the past few days, as we have continued working with our other federal partners to support Louisiana and other states impacted by the Mississippi River flooding, we have gotten questions about whether or not flood insurance protects against intentional flooding actions, like the U.S. Army Corps' decision to open the Morganza Spillway, and what other forms of aid are available to people currently being impacted by these events.These are great – and important – questions and we thought it would be helpful to share some of the answers...
Posted On: May 17, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
On Saturday, we shared how the emergency management team stood ready to support Louisiana as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made the decision to open the Morganza Spillway.  We continue to closely coordinate with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to ensure the safety and recovery of the people and communities we serve.Below is a video of Col. Ed Fleming, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Gerard Stolar, FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer, talking about ongoing federal support efforts as the spillway was...
Posted On: May 16, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate, Tom Vilsack
For weeks, we have been monitoring the potential for significant flooding in Louisiana, along with the other states currently being impacted by the Mississippi River flooding and historic water levels. And similar to their actions to mitigate the impacts of flooding in Missouri several weeks ago, today the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana to help minimize damage to property, structures, and to protect millions of people from historic flood levels.Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the breach of the Morganza Spillway. While the Army Corps is...
Posted On: May 14, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Here's a look at some of the photos from this week. For our latest updates, stay tuned to this blog.If you or someone you know has sustained losses in a county that is designated for federal assistance, apply for assistance at, on your phone at, by calling (800) 621-3362 / TTY (800) 462-7585, or by visiting a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) near you (find DRC’s on your phone).Ringgold, Ga., May 8, 2011 -- DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano stopped in Cherokee Valley, Ga., near Ringgold, to see the destruction of the April 27, 2011 tornado. She met with...
Posted On: May 13, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Editor’s Note: Updated on May 10, 5 p.m. EDT  Yesterday, President Obama made federal disaster assistance available to individuals in five counties in Missouri and Tennessee, to supplement the state and local recovery efforts in the area struck by severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding.   If you live in an eligible county and have sustained losses, you can register for assistance at, on your phone at, or by calling  800-621-FEMA (3362) / TTY 800-462-7585.If you have flood insurance, this is a good time to locate your policy and...
Posted On: May 9, 2011
Author: Public Affairs
Getting Assistance to SurvivorsPresident Obama has made federal disaster assistance available to individuals and business owners in several states in the past two weeks – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  If you are in an area that has received a disaster declaration, and you haven't yet, now is the time to register for assistance.  Visit to apply online, or to apply on your smartphone.  You can also call (800) 621-3362 / TTY (800) 462-7585 or visit a disaster recovery center in your...
Posted On: May 6, 2011


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