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Author: Craig Fugate
While FEMA always stands ready to assist our governors and emergency management partners during an emergency, we are not always the only or best option. By leveraging the strengths and capabilities of the entire team we can more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of disaster survivors. These storms, while tragic, also highlight the incredible work of local and state responders and the leadership of Governors to exercise the robust capabilities of their state to recover.I talk a lot about this and how FEMA – while part of the team – is not the whole team. In looking at the most recent...
Posted On: March 9, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
On Friday, Feb. 24, the FEMA team assembled in the HQ lobby to wish a fond farewell to David Garratt, a dedicated public servant and emergency manager who took his first steps onto the road of retirement. David joined FEMA in 1995 after retiring from the United States Air Force. He worked his way up the FEMA ranks serving in key leadership positions, including as the Acting Deputy Administrator. In his last assignment prior to his retirement David served as the Senior Advisor to Secretary Janet Napolitano for Emergency Management.Over the years, David excelled in key positions all across the...
Posted On: March 2, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
Bill Read, the Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center, announced that he plans to retire by this June.All of us across FEMA and the larger emergency management team will greatly miss Bill and thank him for his outstanding service to our nation throughout his career, spanning more than four decades. Bill not only brought tremendous leadership to the National Hurricane Center, he was also a great friend and partner to FEMA and state and local officials across the country.Under his direction, FEMA, NOAA and the National Hurricane Center...
Posted On: January 14, 2012
Author: Rachel Racusen
Editor’s note: All of us at FEMA are saddened about the passing of Bob Lay, longtime Emergency Management Director in Brevard County, Florida. The following is a statement from Administrator Fugate, to whom Bob was a personal friend: Sheree and I were deeply saddened to learn of Bob Lay’s passing earlier today. I was lucky to work closely with and learn from Bob for years, including during my time at the state and local level in Florida and here at FEMA. Like many of my colleagues, I consider him a friend, mentor and role model.Bob embodied the mission of disaster management through his...
Posted On: January 11, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
"Duck and Cover." "Stop, Drop and Roll." "Shake, rattle and roll." There are a lot of slogans and catchphrases out there to help get our message across to the public about how to react in an emergency (OK, the last one I mentioned isn't really an emergency management one). I wanted to share an upcoming opportunity to focus on the catchphrase for what to do during an earthquake: "Drop. Cover. Hold on." Four weeks from today, on February 7 at 10:15 am central, millions of Americans will practice those very steps by participating in the annual Central U.S. ShakeOut.This last year was an...
Posted On: January 10, 2012
Author: Craig Fugate
One year ago today, we launched our first-ever blog here at FEMA and added a long overdue communications channel to our toolbox. As I explained in our inaugural blog post: This won’t be another way to put out our press releases - this is a way to communicate directly with you…we will provide information before, during and after disaster strikes and we will highlight best practices, innovative ideas, and insights that are being used across emergency management and across the country. Like many one-year-olds, our blog learned a lot during its first year of life about how to better serve our...
Posted On: December 14, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate
  Editor's Note: This was originally posted on the White House Blog. As demonstrated time and time again through many disasters across America, emergency management requires a team effort. Our country's tribal nations and leaders are an essential part of the team. The Obama administration has long been committed to supporting Indian Country in efforts to build resilient communities, prepared for all hazards.Last week, on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the administration, I met with tribal leaders as a participant in the 2011 Tribal Nations Conference...
Posted On: December 7, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate
We first talked about the Presidential Policy Directive on National Preparedness last March and since then we have released the National Preparedness Goal outlining the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the nation.Today, we took the next step in our ongoing efforts to work together to improve for a wide range of these threats and hazards, such as acts of terrorism, cyber attacks, pandemics and catastrophic natural disasters, by releasing a description of the National Preparedness...
Posted On: December 6, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate
By: Craig Fugate, Administrator Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. We are grateful and thankful at FEMA this year for the entire team and all of the work they have done over the past year to protect our communities and the American people.We’re thankful for...…all of our state, local, tribal and territorial partners, who constantly handle many incidents (big and small) that don’t always make headlines.…all of the emergency personnel and first responders who are the front lines of disaster response.…all of our private sector partners for their innovation and lessons learned.…all of the faith-...
Posted On: November 22, 2011
Author: Craig Fugate
Posted by: Craig Fugate, AdministratorSheree and I, along with the employees of FEMA, were saddened to hear about the passing of Hal Bruno. Hal was a national icon serving for more than 60 years as an active member of the fire service community, as well as a dedicated national journalist for ABC News and Newsweek. As an active member of the fire service community, Hal served as a dedicated volunteer firefighter, advocate, commentator and leader and was selflessly committed to fire safety initiatives. As the Chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, he displayed a commitment to...
Posted On: November 10, 2011


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