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What We’re Watching: 2/7/14

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generator on truck
Horsham Township, Pa., February 6, 2014 -- FEMA generators arrive in Pennsylvania after President Obama made emergency federal aid available to support the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in response to this week’s extreme winter.

Pennsylvania emergency assistance

Yesterday, President Obama made emergency federal aid available to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in response to conditions from the extreme winter weather earlier this week.  We’re working closely with our partners at the state to meet any needs, such as powering critical facilities that protect life and property.  To that end, we’ve moved and readied generators to support the Commonwealth as needed.  

Winter Comes Out West

The Rockies and Pacific Northwest must have felt left out.  Not to be outdone by all the snow we’ve seen in the Midwest and East Coast, many portions of the western U.S. will be dealing with snow and cold temperatures this weekend. 

If your area typically doesn’t deal with a wintry mix falling from the sky, here are a few simple things to remember:

  • Put a few winter supplies in your car – An extra blanket, rock salt, a shovel, and some food and water will come in handy should you have car trouble or become stranded in your vehicle.
  • Keep your phone – This is a good tip regardless of the type of severe weather. Cell phones can be lifelines during an emergency or a power outage, so have a plan for keeping your device charged up so you can connect with loved ones and call for help, if needed.
  • Drive slowly and carefully – If you’re not used to driving on snowy or icy roads, take extra caution when traveling.  If local officials advise you to stay home and not travel, it’s best to heed their advice and stay off the roads.   

For more winter tips, check out on your computer or phone.

With that, have a great and safe weekend!

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