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There has been some wacky weather in our neighborhood lately! One day it is cold and snowy, and the next day the weather is warm and stormy!   If you have seen our other blogs, you already know we’ve learned a lot about getting prepared for emergencies since coming to FEMA. Because the weather has been so unpredictable lately, we wanted to share some of the things we’ve done to get ready. 

Don’t forget, winter is only half over, and it will continue to be cold for a while.  We keep some winter things around at home and in the trunk of the car during these cold months – things like gloves, a hat & scarf, a flashlight, salt (to melt ice on walkways), an extra blanket, and extra water.

flats with winter supplies

And whether your neighborhood resembles the chilly north pole or a warm and sunny Florida Beach, having a nifty weather radio is handy for any emergency.  Here is Stella with her radio – it can be powered by batteries, sunlight, and even by turning the crank around and around. A radio like this can be very useful if the power goes out, so be sure to have extra batteries ready for it -- just in case!

flat stella with noaa weather radio

One thing we have been learning recently is that, as the outside temperatures increase, so do the chances for storms and tornadoes happening.  Those storms can be scary, but there are ways that every family can be better prepared if your areas has a stormy spring.  Think about what you and your family might need – even things for your pets like extra water, food, and medicines!

pet photo

And if you are like us, you like playing games.  If the power is out, having some games around helps keep us kids busy with something we enjoy.  So double check that your favorite games are part of your family’s emergency kit, too.  Maybe you have a few of these!

Finally, we want you to know there are a lot of resources to help get ready for emergencies before they happen.  One of our favorite sites is – there, you can find games, activities, and quizzes that will let you show what you know!  

ready kids site

And for parents, we recommend going to or on your cell phone or tablet.  Here’s what looks like, in case you haven’t been there, yet!

screenshot of mobile website

Stay safe!

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02/20/2013 - 08:20

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