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This Thanksgiving, a Time of Reflection


This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the partnership of everyone who makes up the emergency management team – individuals and communities, organizations and companies, and all levels of government – because no one can do it alone when it comes to planning for a disaster, responding to one, or recovering after one.  This year we have definitely had our work cut out for us – from wildfires, to the derecho, to Hurricane Isaac, and Hurricane Sandy, we’ve tackled each disaster by working together as a team.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, this Thanksgiving may be different for many compared to years past.  Survivors of Sandy who are going through the recovery process, like all survivors of disasters, will feel stress and uncertainty.  But there is one thing I am certain of, and that is that we as a nation will always support those in need.  We’ve weathered storms in the past, and the Whole Community effort endures.  I’m confident that the communities impacted by Sandy will be strong and enduring in the end.

To the many emergency management partners assisting the survivors: you find yourselves away from home because duty calls, so know that I’m thankful for your service and sacrifice and I’m humbled by your actions, as this is the ultimate example of neighbors helping neighbors.

As we always do at this time of the year, but especially after this year, I ask everyone to take a moment to reflect on their blessings and what they’re thankful for this year, and on behalf of everyone at FEMA, I wish you a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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11/21/2012 - 09:10

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