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Author: Shayne Adamski
I wanted to write a quick update about a bunch of things going on at the agency right now – from fire grants to preparedness leaders to House of Cards.  There are a lot of updates below for different partners and customers.First, House of Cards. I’m a fan too and one of our real life initiatives is highlighted in this season. Jessica Stapf blogged about it – and other then the program being in an episode, there are no spoilers in her blog post. This is the House of Cards blog post for you to read. Enjoy.Second, preparedness leaders. The agency wants to recognize...
Posted On: March 20, 2015
Author: Jessica Stapf
The release of the third season of the Netflix hit series House of Cards provides a great opportunity to provide some insight into what FEMA Corps is all about. I wanted to use this space to share some truth about the real-life men and women who wear the “FEMA Corps” blue shirts you may have seen onscreen.*Rest assured – no spoilers here!Truth: FEMA Corps is a real program.I’m proud to be a former FEMA Corps member. The FEMA Corps program was created in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service to enable young people to help their communities...
Posted On: March 18, 2015
Author: Jason Lindesmith
My phone is constantly buzzing and beeping all day long. E-mails, social media, texts, and app notifications bombard my phone and create a cacophony of reminders that tend to all blend together.  But what if one of those texts, e-mails, or social media posts is about an emergency? Wouldn’t it be nice for those emergency updates to “rise to the top” and make you pay attention?That’s a big reason why Wireless Emergency Alerts have a distinct vibration and alert tone – the alerts are designed to make you pay attention because there’s a potential emergency...
Posted On: March 16, 2015
Author: Rafael Lemaitre
All it takes is one.One hurricane. One tornado. One flood, earthquake, or fire to displace a family, upend a business, destroy a school - or worse.  No one is immune to the threat of disasters, and 2014 was no exception. View in FEMA Multimedia LibraryIn March, we witnessed an entire community wiped away from the mudslide that hit Oso, Washington. In August, an earthquake hit Napa damaging buildings and homes.  And in September, severe weather in Michigan generated significant flooding, affecting thousands of families in Detroit, just to name a few.  But how does 2014...
Posted On: March 12, 2015
Author: Jessica Stapf
Community Emergency Response Teams and the work they do across the country to prepare citizens and respond to emergencies in their communities have been a focal point for us here at the start of 2015. So far, we’ve profiled what these teams do and how you can connect with them via social media. Now I want to share a few examples of the unique ways these programs practice emergency preparedness in their neighborhoods.The Harris County Citizen Corps uses the model of a quintessential Texas event – a rodeo – to sharpen the skills of their Community Emergency Response Team. The...
Posted On: February 9, 2015
Author: Craig Fugate
There are a lot of opinions floating around Washington these days about what’s at stake in the battle over funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). From my perspective as Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), I can say with certainty that the current standoff has a real impact on our ability to ensure that a wide range of emergency personnel across the country have the resources they need to do their jobs and keep our communities safer and more secure.One of my toughest days on the job at FEMA was October 1st, 2013 – the first day of the...
Posted On: February 9, 2015
Author: Allison Pfaendler
February 2, 2015 was a monumental day for me and four of my fellow FEMA Corps members.  I never had a chance to meet President Obama, let alone shake his hand. Therefore, I was especially honored to be invited to the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal event held at DHS Headquarters in Washington, DC.  When the President expressed his gratitude for our service-based organization proclaiming, “[I’m] proud of you, FEMA Corps,” my Forrest Gump moment was realized.Not only did he thank me for my service to the country, but also he made a point to greet and speak with all...
Posted On: February 5, 2015
Author: Craig Fugate, John Podesta
(Editor's note: This post originally appeared on the White House blog.)When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, the storm sent water cascading into the South Ferry subway station, pouring into the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, inundating neighborhoods from Staten Island to Queens. At Battery Park in lower Manhattan, water reached more than 9 feet above the average high-tide line.One factor fueling the surge -- New York Harbor, where waters have risen about a foot since 1900. We know that rising sea levels, higher average temperatures, higher ocean temperatures, and other effects of climate...
Posted On: January 30, 2015
Author: Charlotte Porter
When it comes to issues that matter, Washington never has all of the answers. Effective emergency management is no exception. We say this a lot at FEMA, but it's true: we're just one part of the nation's emergency management team. Elected officials, non-profit groups, the private sector, tribal nations, and survivors themselves from across America- working together - are the ingredients that make up a successful national effort.That's why our National Advisory Council is so important. Through this group, experts from across the nation help us guide our plans and strategies by...
Posted On: January 30, 2015
Author: Eilis Maynard
I’m Eilis and I work in FEMA’s Region 1 office in Boston. Right now, wind is whipping snow around my Charlestown apartment, and the typically busy intersection right outside my door is completely deserted - not a car in sight! I’m in the midst of what Twitter has dubbed #snowmageddon2015. Although the city of Boston is almost completely shut down (no running subway and a driving ban in place) I’m happily working away inside, safe and warm and fully in touch with the rest of my coworkers. As you can imagine, we don’t have snow days at FEMA - on the contrary, we...
Posted On: January 27, 2015


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