A Tribute to EMS Professionals

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Earlier today, I spoke at the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Conference in California in recognition of National EMS Week. It was great event, and it underscored the important role that EMS professionals play in our communities.

In my speech today, I noted how the EMS field is a critical part of the larger emergency management team, operating at the intersection of public health and public safety. As someone who served in the EMS community for more than 35 years, I have watched how technology and new innovations have changed the profession. And while the tools that we use have changed over the years, one thing hasn't: the selfless commitment and dedication that EMS professionals bring to their jobs each and every day.

In a time of crisis, it is the EMS professionals who are the first on the scene. They are the first to offer care and comfort, and they are the first to offer that immediate assistance when we are most vulnerable and hurting. I am very proud and honored to not only be part of the EMS community, but also to salute my fellow EMS professionals for the great work they do to save lives, while sometimes putting their own lives at risk.

So please join me in thanking those in the EMS profession for their hard work and dedication. If you see someone who works in your local EMS, take a few seconds to thank them for the service they provide to your community. And take a minute to visit whitehouse.gov to learn more about President Obama’s proclamation of EMS week.

Editor’s note: Rich Serino, the Deputy Administrator of FEMA, previously served as the Chief of Boston EMS and Assistant Director of the Boston Public Health Commission.

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