Delivering the Preparedness Message to Thousands of Chicago Commuters

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During National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, FEMA and NOAA worked together to encourage the public that the time to prepare for severe weather is now -- before it strikes. In special partnership with Amtrak, FEMA Region V staff -- with the help of the Ready campaign -- encouraged commuters at Chicago’s Union Station to consider how they can prepare themselves, their families and their community for severe weather.

Everyday thousands of commuters make their way through the south concourse of Union Station as they travel in and out of the downtown area. Here’s a brief video showing the great success our preparedness booth had in spreading the message about preparedness:

Hundreds of people stopped by to listen and as they left, we encouraged them to tell their co-workers, family and friends to be prepared too. And many took additional copies of our literature to distribute to others.

Severe weather can strike with little or no warning and you may only have seconds to make life and death decisions. Preparing now can ensure you’re ready when severe weather strikes. Just because severe weather preparedness week is over, doesn’t mean our message isn’t the same. Remember: know your risk, take action -- by making your emergency plans -- and once you are prepared share your story on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, encouraging others to do the same.

You can find the same critical information we passed out at Union Station anytime by visiting us online at

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06/17/2012 - 16:00

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