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One year ago today, we launched our first-ever blog here at FEMA and added a long overdue communications channel to our toolbox. As I explained in our inaugural blog post:

This won’t be another way to put out our press releases - this is a way to communicate directly with you…we will provide information before, during and after disaster strikes and we will highlight best practices, innovative ideas, and insights that are being used across emergency management and across the country.

Like many one-year-olds, our blog learned a lot during its first year of life about how to better serve our communities and disaster survivors.

For one, our blog turned out to be an effective tool for sharing critical information about what the entire team was doing to support communities before, during and after disasters. For example, during the tornadoes that swept across the southeast last spring and during Hurricane Irene, we used the blog to share what many federal agencies, state and local officials, private sector organizations, volunteer groups and other partners were doing across many states at once to help survivors and communities respond and recover.

We also used the blog to open up our doors to give an inside look at FEMA, highlight more experienced bloggers in sharing their message, and share the work of the entire emergency management team. And perhaps most importantly, we’ve found time and again that our best, most powerful blogs haven’t come from us – but from all of you. Such as:

And this is just the beginning – we will continue to find ways to improve this tool. So instead of a party or gifts for the FEMA blog’s one-year birthday, we’re asking that you continue to give your input, feedback and ideas. Keep pushing us to do better, keep letting us know what works well and what doesn’t.

Year two begins today – let’s get going. Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below.

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07/10/2012 - 15:06
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We need to set up a federal program to train all p...

We need to set up a federal program to train all police officers doing duty on bordering states, to have classes qualifying them to enforce law on both sides of the border.<br /><br />I am a Galena Kansas Police officer, when I step past the city limits, I am as a citizen in Missouri. We need a special mutual aid agreement, forced by the federal system to authorize 10 or 20 miles into the neighbering state. With training and a certification of course.<br /><br />All the bad guys seem to live on the border states, and run when we get close, if the bordering state is 100' away, we (Cops) are dead in the water once the bad guy crosses over. Also the states and officers aren't apt to share anything if you are a cop from another state, in most cases.

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