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This Year, Giving Thanks for the Entire Team

By: Craig Fugate, Administrator

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. We are grateful and thankful at FEMA this year for the entire team and all of the work they have done over the past year to protect our communities and the American people.

We’re thankful for...

…all of our state, local, tribal and territorial partners, who constantly handle many incidents (big and small) that don’t always make headlines.

…all of the emergency personnel and first responders who are the front lines of disaster response.

…all of our private sector partners for their innovation and lessons learned.

…all of the faith-based and voluntary organizations that are often some of the most dedicated individuals facilitating disaster response or recovery.

…everyone in the disability community who pushes and encourages the entire team to be fully inclusive in all planning, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

everyone here at FEMA for their hard work and commitment to carrying out our mission, day in and day out.

…and all of the members of the public who have done heroic work before, during and after emergencies – whether it was taking a few simple steps to get prepared or helping a neighbor evacuate in the face of a coming storm.

This year was an incredibly active one for all of us on the team and an incredibly challenging one for the survivors and the communities that were affected by many devastating and costly disasters. I want to thank you for the hope you gave the rest of us – for reminding us that rebuilding can be a powerful and inspiring process. Your stories of tragic loss, bravery and resilience remind all of us why we are in this line of work – and carry powerful lessons about what is possible.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, our friends at The Weather Channel have put together a compilation of what this year’s survivors are thankful for and I encourage everyone to watch it.

So as we reflect on our blessings, I ask that you take a moment to thank those around you who inspired you to support our neighbors in times of need. We mean it when we say that FEMA is just one part of the team. This year has been proof of the importance of the entire team and we thank all of you for your tireless efforts, your partnership and your service.

Share with us why you are thankful by making a comment below.


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As we approach another Thanksgiving, and as I, on ...

As we approach another Thanksgiving, and as I, on a personal note, approach another birthday in December, the things to be thankful for is an ever-growing list. This year my thankfulness is rounded out with a layers of humility, pride, and inspiration.<br /><br />I had the honor of serving for one month in Vermont as a Community Relations Specialist during the Hurricane Irene aftermath.<br /><br />I am thankful for the people of that state who taught me so much about grace under fire. In the wake of Irene, I met and spoke with people who had lost so much, but who managed to be resourceful, resilient, full of pride and self-reliance, non-complaining, and yes, still thankful. The sense of community and neighbor-to-neighbor helping hands was soul stirring and awe inspiring.<br /><br />It is easy to be thankful when things are going well, but Vermonters exemplified for me what true thanks giving is about. I am 60+ years old, and when I grow up, I want to be just like the wonderful people I had the honor of serving in Vermont. Happy Thanksgiving, Vermont!<br /><br />Acquinetta Payne<br />DAE/Community Relations Specialist

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