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With the national emergency alert system test only two days away, we wanted to remind you what you can expect during the test. As a reminder, the test will take place this Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 2 PM EST.

  • The test will occur on all broadcast radio and television stations, cable television systems, satellite radio and television systems, and wireline video service systems. The test will last approximately 30 seconds, after which regular programming will resume. The test will not involve landline or mobile phones or other forms of communication such as internet or social media.
  • The test will look and sound very similar to local broadcasting tests of the Emergency Alert System that occur on a frequent basis.
  • The purpose of this test is to allow FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission to assess how well the Emergency Alert System would perform its primary function, to alert the public about a national emergency. We are testing our equipment and capability of properly responding to a national emergency, should they ever need to be used.

The emergency alert system test has been making local and national headlines in the news lately, and here are a few of the stories:

  1. "This is a Test….This is only a Test." ABC News
  2. First Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System WPMT-TV Harrisburg (PA)
  3. First Nationwide Emergency Alert Is This Week Wisconsin Radio Network

Visit for complete information about the test and answers to frequently asked questions.

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How will those at their desk in front of a compute...

How will those at their desk in front of a computer know of an emergency alert? Will this run through social networks as an alert test being broadcast?

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