News of the Day: Administrator Fugate Reflects on Year So Far

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Published by: Brad Carroll, Press Secretary

As we continue ongoing response and recovery efforts in many areas across the country, we wanted to share a recent interview featuring Administrator Fugate reflecting on the work that FEMA has done to support our state, tribal and local partners this year, so far. From historic flooding in many areas to deadly tornadoes, droughts and an earthquake and torrential rain from several tropical storms and hurricanes, this year has shown the importance of getting prepared.

This year has also demonstrated the importance of the team approach in emergency management. Administrator Fugate talked about this during the question and answer session, when he was asked if he had any criticisms of the way disasters are covered in the media:

I think the over emphasis on what FEMA does as opposed to what local and state officials, volunteers, what the private sector does, what people do to help each other. Oftentimes, particularly in the national media, because they are trying to tell a national story, the logical place that you come to is the federal government. But in disasters its very much the opposite: It's the local officials, the first responders, the community of impact, the states supporting that.

Check out the rest of the interview for insight into our emphasis on quickly providing resources to affected states after a disaster, so we can continue getting prepared for the next disaster. This year’s been an example that disasters can strike practically anytime and anywhere. As always, we also encourage you to visit and learn about the simple steps you can take to get you and your family better prepared before a disaster strikes.

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