Monitoring Tropical Storm Fernanda

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Late this afternoon, Tropical Storm Fernanda formed in the Pacific Ocean, and we’re closely monitoring the storm through our regional office in Oakland, California and our Pacific Area Office in Honolulu, Hawaii. According to the National Hurricane Center, Fernanda could strengthen some over the next 48 hours and become a hurricane by Thursday.

While it’s too early to know if Fernanda will pose a threat to the Hawaiian Islands, we’re gearing up for the possibility. To prepare for all hazards, FEMA has strategically prepositioned communities at distribution centers throughout the United States and its territories, so we are ready to provide supplies on a moment’s notice.

We currently have pre-positioned commodities on the Hawaii islands, including more than 197,000 million of liters of water, 134,000 meals, 31,000 blankets, 8,000 cots, and 85 various size generators.

And although there are currently no coastal watches or warnings in effect for the U.S. at this time, history has taught us that storm tracks can change quickly and unexpectedly. So if you are located in coastal areas along the Pacific, take steps now to prepare. If you haven’t already, visit for tips on creating your family emergency plan and getting an emergency kit.

Here are some additional safety tips to remember:

  • Follow the direction of local officials – if the order is given to evacuate, do so immediately. It’s important to know your evacuation route ahead of time. They may also direct you to shelter in place, so know what supplies you and your family will need to sustain you for at least 72 hours,
  • Stay away from low-lying, flood prone areas – these are most susceptible to flash flooding,
  • Keep up to date on the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center at, or on your mobile phone at (FEMA’s mobile site has tips on staying safe before, during and after a tropical storm or hurricane)

Keep checking for updates on our blog as we continue to monitor Tropical Storm Fernanda.

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