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News of the Day: A Conversation With Admin. Fugate

In an article in today’s The Hill, they give an inside look into FEMA’s philosophical approach to building and strengthening the team for emergency management, an approach being driven by Administrator Fugate. Since coming to FEMA, he’s been out in front of many changes at the agency, tapping into his years of experience as an emergency medical technician and then as an emergency manager.

Here’s a section from the full article:

The administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has spent the first two years of his tenure streamlining operations at the agency and shaking off deeply rooted habits to build a connected team of local, state and federal officials who are ready to move when emergencies happen.

In a major shift at FEMA, Fugate is looking beyond the information provided by professional first responders during an emergency, instead creating a two-way dialogue with the public, media and private sector to help provide quicker disaster assessments.

FEMA is looking at people in the affected communities as “a resource and not a liability”…The new message was that FEMA needed to “plan for who we serve, not who fits our plans,” Fugate said.

Read more at, or see Administrator Fugate’s blog posts in the “Craig’s Corner” category.

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