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Tsunami Update 3: Helping those affected by the earthquake in Japan

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As Administrator Fugate said this morning, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragic earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier today. If you would like to help the survivors, or families of the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, please visit for information on how to donate.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) remains the lead Federal agency when it comes to responding to international disasters, and we stand ready to assist if called upon. Within the U.S., we're working closely with other members of the emergency management team to support State and local response operations from the tsunami if needed.

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- If you're looking for a friend, relative, or loved one in Japan, visit the Google Person Finder on the Google Crisis Response page.

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06/16/2012 - 16:28


Thank you.<br />Janpan DeFensive Force(Japanese army) send 9 water tracks to manage to cool reactor.<br />I hope they accomplish the mission and come back . <br /><br />nuclear comity of Japan and TEPCO. send wishes <br /><br />Takuya Yoshida and Karsten Zaag

distribute the elekrtons and the rest of the element in to the ground that are the idea <br /><br />Takuya Yoshida karsten Zaag

Suggestion for Japan SAR:<br /><br />There are difficulties getting to many areas affected by the tsunami due to flooding, and helicopters are being used for Search And Rescue. Would airboats such as those used in the American marshes be useful? They have no underwater propulsion systems and can move over many obstacles and some dry ground.

How could i get information on going to Japan as a PAID position in Construction and/or firefighter?<br /><br />Adam Kunz<br />

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any programs out there where you can volunteer to go to Japan to volunteer. I figured with the country being a mess, I would rather get involved by going over there an lending a hand.<br />They can probably use all the help they can get. <br /><br />if anyone knows anything:<br />

How can I volunteer to go over and help, I can operate Heavy Machinery and Drive an 18 Wheeler/ Wrecker. I am Nationally Certified in Heavy Duty Recovery. Also was a certified Paramedic in Texas for 10 years.<br /><br />Ron Horton<br />

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