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Flood Insurance Provides Lifeline For Business Owners


Getting prepared for spring flooding is one of the topics driving our attention this time of year.  In previous blog posts, we’ve highlighted two approaches to getting prepared - learning from past disasters and sharing your preparedness tips with your neighbor.

While many preparedness tips focus on individuals taking action, businesses also play a vital role in helping an affected community come back to full strength after a disaster. 

One way businesses (as well as residents) can protect their property from the financial damages of flooding is by purchasing flood insurance.  See this couple’s story to learn how flood insurance helped their business come back faster after a flood:

Protecting your business’s assets with flood insurance is one part of getting prepared - employees can use tips on to make their family emergency plan and build their emergency kit, so they can return to normalcy faster as well.

Has your business seen the benefit of flood insurance? Share your story below.

- Dan

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No one ever thinks that a disaster will happen to ...

No one ever thinks that a disaster will happen to them, but the stories here are definitely a wakeup call to all of us out there who haven't take that step to prepare.

Lots of people are reading your blog because we ca...

Lots of people are reading your blog because we can learn something from it. Thanks for giving us the new site. In that way, we can still follow your posts.



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