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What We're Watching: 3/4/11

Stormy, wet weekend for many
Forecasts from the National Weather Service are calling for rain and thunderstorms across much of the Midwest for the next few days.  Large portions of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee are under flood watches or warnings due to rapidly melting snow and rainfall, so make sure you’re aware of local conditions.  We’re closely monitoring the severe weather through our regional offices in Chicago and Atlanta, and working closely with our state partners, as well as the National Weather Service.

The Northeast is also expected to experience rainy, stormy conditions through the weekend, so make sure you're taking steps to get prepared.  To view your local forecast and outlook on severe weather, visit

Wildfires around the U.S.
Parts of Florida have been fighting a round of wildfires this week.   Our Regional office in Atlanta is in close coordination with State, local and first response agencies as they respond to the wildfires.  We stand ready to support them if assistance is requested.

Planning for real, not easy
We came across this article with some great emergency preparedness tips for persons with disabilities and their service animals.  As Federal, State, and local agencies, businesses and individuals plan for emergencies, it is imperative we plan for every member of the community, not just some. For more on emergency planning for people with disabilities, visit

Red Cross Month
March also marks Red Cross Month, as proclaimed by President Obama.  As a valuable part of the emergency management team, we’d like to recognize this special month.  Even if you aren’t an active Red Cross supporter, donor, or volunteer, we encourage you to look for opportunities to volunteer in your community, especially with a member of the National Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (NVOAD).  This collection of organizations, which includes the American Red Cross, shares knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle - preparation, response and recovery - to help disaster survivors and their communities.

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We are on flash flood and flood watch in Alexander...

We are on flash flood and flood watch in Alexander, Ill.

I think East Central Illinois Counties Should be d...

I think East Central Illinois Counties Should be declared a disaster flood area. After 5 years of living in my home in Edgar County, we recently had heavy rains and my crawl space was flooded and we have a strong odor of mold. Our yard looked like a lake. Today, March 4th, we are receiving more rain and this will definitely make things worse. I personally need assistance with mold cleanup since my insurance won't pay for it. What does it take for your county to be declared a disaster area?

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