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Video: Couple shares their flooding preparedness tips

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Many times, the most useful and memorable advice comes from people sharing their experiences and that holds especially true when it comes to advice on how to prepare before disaster strikes.

Check out this video from a couple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and how they are taking steps to protect their home from flooding:

If you live in an area that has a risk of flooding the tips in the video above are great places to start getting prepared.  Here are some other ways you can prepare your family, home, or business for flooding:

  • Visit – for details on getting an emergency kit, making your family emergency plan, and being informed about the dangers of floods
  • Purchase flood insurance – flood insurance policies typically take 30 days to become effective, so make sure to purchase flood insurance as a way to prepare before potential flooding
  • Share what you’re doing with a neighbor – each of us can play a role in helping our communities become more resilient by sharing our own preparedness tips with each other

How are you preparing for this flood season? Share your tips below.

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06/16/2012 - 17:00


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Thanks for these valuable tips! Being prepared for floods is very essential and people need more flood education because in reality the problem does not end when the flood ends. The echo of flood remians for very long time after the disaster yields in the shape of mould in the houses that causes serious health problems or water damaged cars sold by dishonest delaers to unaware buyers. And these are just 2 samples...

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