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News of the Day: Sharing Fire Safety Tips

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Yesterday, we were excited to kick off our public awareness campaign on fire safety tips for families and kids, and we’re happy that word is already getting out about both the campaign and some of the ways parents are educating their children about the risk of home fires. As Glenn Gaines, Acting Administrator of U.S. Fire Administration, mentioned yesterday, we’re working with a host of partners to raise awareness of how families can keep their homes and loved ones safe from home fires.

This story from WCTV (Tallahassee, FL) highlights some of the steps Tallahassee residents are taking to make their homes and families better prepared.

As part of our campaign, we’re encouraging parents, educators, and kids to take steps to reduce the impact of a potential home fire by: 

  • Talking about their family’s fire escape plan
  • Knowing the basics of safe cooking
  • Teaching their children what to do if they smell smoke
  • Installing smoke/carbon monoxide alarms outside all sleeping areas
After you’ve read the story, visit our Kids Fire Safety page at, and leave a comment below and share how you and your family are prepared for home fires.
- Rachel
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06/19/2012 - 18:31


Good to know. thanks!

My dad was always a big safety guy when I was growing up and every so often we would all gather in the living room and he would go over our exit strategy from the house in case of a fire. Keep low for smoke, and head to the closest door.

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