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Another Round of Severe Winter Weather

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Sound familiar? Severe winter weather is affecting much of the U.S., bringing heavy snow, cold temperatures, and gusty winds to the Central and Southern Plains.  The storm system is expected to move into the Mid-South and Tennessee Valley by Wednesday night.

We’re closely monitoring the storm through our regional offices in Kansas City, MO, Denton, TX, and Atlanta, and working closely with our state partners, as well as the National Weather Service.

Since the emergency declarations in Oklahoma and Missouri last week, our Incident Management Assistance Teams are embedded at the state emergency operations centers in those states, assisting in coordination of winter storm response operations.

As this round of dangerous winter weather rolls through, stay safe by:

  • Following the direction of state and local officials – Listen to NOAA Weather Radio and your local news to monitor for updates and directions provided by local officials.  If you have access to the internet, check your state emergency management website for updates (e.g. the Oklahoma Emergency Management Agency is posting regular situation updates to their website and Twitter account).
  • Preparing for potential power outages – Gusting winds and accumulating ice can often bring power outages, so make sure your emergency kit has a working flashlight with batteries, in addition to other items to keep you safe.
  • Keep travel to a minimum - Traveling by car can be very dangerous if roads are covered in ice or snow, so make sure you have information on road conditions before you leave your home.  If you must travel by car, make sure you have an emergency supply kit in the trunk.

Even if your community won’t be affected by this round of winter storms, it’s still important to take the opportunity to get prepared today.  Everyone can play a vital role in helping our communities prepare for severe winter weather.

- Rachel

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07/10/2012 - 16:16


I live in Minnesota and we have been slammed with bad weather this winter. It is def good to be prepared for it and part of your prep should be keeping an eye on the news for "snow emergency"!. In Minneapolis if you live in 'the city' and they declare one you will be towed and ticketed if you park on the wrong side of the street. It is not fun having no electricity AND car. I learned the hard way :)

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