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Severe weather continues
The worst of this week’s massive winter storm has passed, but much of the southeast is forecasted to receive a combination of snow and ice through the weekend.  As always,  we’re continuing to monitor this weather through our regional offices in Denton, Texas, and Atlanta, and are in close touch with state and local officials – especially in Dallas, where they continue to gear up for the Superbowl.   If you’re in the projected path of the storm, make sure you’re prepared for winter weather or potential power outages.  

As the storm moved through much of the Midwest earlier this week, thousands lost power or received significant snow and ice, so make sure you follow the direction of local officials and are up to date with your local forecast from the National Weather Service.

Snow removal tips
If you’ve been affected by this week’s winter storm, chances are you’ll be digging out of snow and ice for the next few days.  As you put on your boots and ready your snow shovels, make sure you avoid overexertion when removing snow.  Overexertion can bring on a heart attack - a major cause of death in the winter. If you must shovel snow, stretch before going outside.

And as you clear your driveway and walkways, remember clear snow from around a nearby fire hydrant.  That way, fire fighters won’t waste valuable time searching for a hydrant in case of a fire.

Social media updates from your state
Updates on the winter storm have been the focus of the blog for the past few days.  While we’ve been providing daily posts here, we’ve also been posting updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  In case you haven’t found your state emergency management on Facebook and Twitter, check out our favorite Facebook pages (on the left-hand side of the page) and our Twitter list of state emergency management agencies.  After a disaster strikes, they may provide valuable local information.

Fire and ice
Unfortunately, the winter months traditionally bring an increase in home fires.  Using space heaters, wood stoves, candles, and fireplaces can be fire hazards if they’re not used correctly.  For tips on preventing winter fires, visit the U.S. Fire Administration website.

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