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Winter Storm Update: Cold Moving To Deep South

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Winter weather continues to impact areas across the country, and is forecasted to bring bitterly cold temperatures into parts of Texas and the Deep South today.  Impacted areas have seen a combination of snow, ice, gusting winds, and rain, making travel very hazardous

Yesterday, the President declared an emergency in Oklahoma, making federal disaster aid available to State and local responders in Oklahoma to supplement the response efforts.  We’re continuing to closely monitor the severe winter weather through our regional offices in Kansas City, MO, Denton, TX, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston and stand ready to provide assistance if requested. 

While the major wrath of the storm has passed, there are many roads and transportation routes that remain hazardous and extremely cold temperatures are forecasted throughout the country for the remainder of the week.  We continue to encourage all Americans to follow the instructions of state and local officials, and to listen to local radio and/or TV stations for updated emergency information.

And visit to make sure you’re prepared for winter storms and extreme cold.

- Rachel

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06/19/2012 - 18:41


Will the effect in south brings in severe weather in Midwest too!

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