What We’re Watching: 1/21/11

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Potential Severe Weather
Much of New England is forecasted to experience heavy snowfall into early this evening, and the Great Lakes are expected to have lake-effect snow into tomorrow.  In the Pacific Northwest, there is a chance for rain and mountain snow.  Our regional offices will be in close coordination with our state and local partners in case any needs arise. (See the National Weather Service precipitation forecast for the U.S.)

Georgia “Get Ready” Blog
Severe winter weather has been prevalent in 2011, with several storms affecting the eastern part of the country.  Here’s a recent post on the “Get Ready” blog, hosted by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency – sharing the importance of being prepared for the next winter storm.

Establishment of the John D. Solomon Preparedness Award
In November of last year, the emergency management team lost a valuable member of our team with the passing of John Solomon.  John was a champion for emergency preparedness, founding the leading “In Case of Emergency” blog and participating in his local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in New York City, NY. 

Last week, the New York City Office of Emergency Management announced the creation of the John D. Solomon Emergency Preparedness Award, honoring a CERT member who demonstrates outstanding dedication to the program.

A social media week
Social media and emergency management was a frequent topic of conversation the past week.  In case you missed it, here are a few blog posts on the hot topic:

  • Video of Administrator Fugate’s Keynote Speech on Social Media
  • Wired, Twitter, and Beyond: Social Media and Disaster Response
  • "Don’t Make the Public Fit How We Do Business"
  • Leveraging volunteer groups and technology
  • Social Media + Emergency Management: Talking with Tech Leaders on the West Coast
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