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This page is about MERS Detachments Available Support.

Each of the MERS Detachments can concurrently support a large Disaster Field Office and multiple field operating sites within the disaster area. MERS is equipped with self-sustaining telecommunications, logistics, and operations support elements that can be driven or airlifted to the disaster location. MERS assets can be deployed and transported via airlifted by C-130 military cargo aircraft, rail, water and road.

The MERS is a national asset available for immediate deployment; as directed, equipment and personnel will deploy promptly and provide communications support to the Federal Response effort including:

  • Communication support to Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) ESF8
  • Communication support to National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) ESF 9
  • Multimedia communications and information processing support, especially for the Communications Section, Emergency Support Function (ESF) #2 of the Federal Response Plan (FRP)
  • Operational support, especially for the Information and Planning Section, ESF #5 of the FRP
  • Liaison to the Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO)
  • Logistics and life support
  • Automated information and decision support capability
  • Security (facility, equipment, and personnel) management and consultation
  • Temporary restoration of communication assets.

Note:  Most equipment is preloaded or installed on heavy-duty, multi-wheel drive trucks. Some equipment is installed in transit cases.

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