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State Fire Training Academies (SFTA) - Requesting Equipment Used in Firefighting Training

Question # 17: Are training props that support the delivery of training by State Fire Training Academies eligible under the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program?

Answer: FEMA recognizes the unique mission of State Fire Training Academies (SFTA) to deliver training to firefighters and Emergency Medical Services personnel throughout their state. FEMA further recognizes that the primary equipment required by State Fire Training Academies to support that mission include, but are not limited to, equipment used in firefighter training, and in the support of firefighter training; and, that § 33(c) of the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974, as amended, permits FEMA to grant funds to State Fire Training Academies for the purpose of acquiring additional firefighting equipment.  It is not FEMA's intent to prohibit State Fire Training Academies from applying for such eligible activities. As a technical clarification, a State Fire Training Academy is permitted to request such equipment (i.e. propane fed firefighting simulators) under the "Equipment" category of its AFG application. Other AFG applicants (e.g., Fire Departments and Non-Affiliated EMS Organizations) should continue to apply for props and other training-based equipment under the "Training" activity. Construction costs are not eligible under the AFG program.  

This technical clarification is being provided to address a statement in the Restrictions on Use of Grant Funds section of the FY 2013 AFG Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) that stated:

State fire training academies are eligible to apply for all activities under the AFG Program Vehicle Acquisition, but are only eligible to apply for the activities of "Equipment" and "Personal Protective Equipment" under Operations and Safety, and are not eligible to apply for any activities under Joint/Regional.

FY 2013 AFG Funding Opportunity Announcement, p. 29.

As the primary mission of Fire Departments and Non-Affiliated EMS Organizations is focused on the delivery of emergency response services, such equipment to support the delivery of training to those agencies should be applied for under the "training" category within the "Operations & Safety" application, as prescribed by the FY 2013 AFG FOA.


Step-By-Step Instructions

This serves to inform all SFTA applicants on the step-by-step process to request equipment, including but not limited to; firefighting equipment, props, simulators and trailers. Within the FY13 AFG application for SFTA, your request should be done in the Equipment section of the application. If the equipment you are wishing to apply for is not present in the drop down menu, please follow these simple steps:

  • Step #1: Select Request Details
  • Step #2:  Select Add State Fire Training Academy Equipment
  • Step #3: Question one, click on "Select Equipment"
  • Step #4: Select, "Rescue Equipment" (default selection for other equipment being requested that is not included in those available in the drop down menu)
  • Step #5: In question one where it asks for a description please list the item you are requesting with brief description of the item.
  • Step #6: Complete the page then click on "Save and Continue".

Note: If requesting more than one item please repeat steps one through 5 then click on save and continue again. This process must be followed for each item you are requesting. Please ensure that your narrative(s) are complete fully address the equipment being requested.

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