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Youth Emergency Preparedness Education Resource Compendium

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This resource compendium is a product of FEMA Region III Regional Advisory Council (RAC). Its development is the result of collaboration among members of the RAC, members of the RAC’s Community Preparedness Regional Advisory Team (CPAT), and dedicated subject matter experts, including staff and law fellows from the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security.

This compendium is in Phase I of its development. As the compendium evolves, more resources will be added. If you would like to recommend other third party sites or new forms of communications tools related to this compendium, please contact Blair Hyde, Preparedness Analysis and Planning Specialist, FEMA Region III.

Information Disclaimer

The following links are provided for your reference. FEMA does not endorse any non-Federal government websites, companies or applications.

Compendium Categories

The Youth Emergency Preparedness Education Resource Compendium organizes resources under three separate categories: Source, Type of Program, and Grade Level.

Source identifies resources according to the origin of the resource. In this case, Federal Programs and Initiatives, State / Local Programs and Initiatives, and Private Sector Programs and Initiatives are the categories used.

Type of Program categorizes information according to how individual programs are delivered through different media. Online Curriculum, Printed Curriculum, School Program, and Extracurricular Program summarize the majority of the resources within this compendium.

Grade Level describes the applicable age ranges for the programs contained within. Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College are listed.

The following information is provided for each resource:

  • Program Name
  • Brief Resource Description
  • Source
  • Type of Program
  • Grade Level   
  • Topics 
  • Resource Components
  • Resource Location

Compendium Resources

Click on the links below to view all of the resources in this compendium.
Youth Compendium from Source
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Youth Compendium by Grade Level

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