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Former Regional Directors/Regional Administrators Gather to Celebrate 50 Years of Service

Former regional directors and regional administrators gather in Denton Texas in obesrvance of the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Federal Regional Center. The building is now the Regional Office for FEMA Region 6.
Denton, Texas, February 14, 2014 -- From Left to Right: Welcome Wilson, first Regional Director, Office of Civil Defense, Gary Jones, Dep. Reg. Administrator/Acting Reg. Administrator, FEMA, Ron Castleman, Reg. Director, FEMA, Buddy Young, Reg. Director, FEMA, Ed Hargett, Reg. Director Office of Civil Defense, Tony Robinson, current Reg. Administrator, FEMA, Jerry D. Stephens, Reg. Director, Office of Civil Defense, Joe Winkle, Acting Reg. Director, Office of Civil Defense. - Location: Denton, TX
Last Updated: March 19, 2014