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Proceedings of the United States - Japan Earthquake Policy Symposium

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The first United States – Japan Earthquake Policy Symposium was held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C. September 16-18, 1996. It was attended by nearly 100 high level officials and technical specialists from both nations, and initiated a new era of policy collaboration between the United States and Japan. Discussions focused on critical policy decisions and supporting research to reduce earthquake losses. Speakers emphasized that cooperation should include all areas of policy, from mitigation to emergency response, and that it should be based on a broad range of cooperative exchanges, including partnerships in the private sector. Part I contains the Joint Statement of Conclusions and Recommendations, Part II contains the summary of policy issues, and recommendations proposed for bilateral policy, and Part III contains the written text of speeches and remarks given during the symposium.
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Proceedings of the United States - Japan Earthquake Policy Symposium
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April 1, 1997