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About the Lessons Learned and Continuout Improvement Program (LL/CIP)

FEMA’s National Preparedness Assessment Division (NPAD) is responsible for the planning, management and on-going evaluation of the Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement Program (LL/CIP.) Outlined below are the overarching mission, goals and objectives of the LL/CIP.


The mission of the LL/CIP is to improve preparedness by enabling continuous improvement among the whole community through the development and sharing of knowledge and experience.


To achieve this mission, the LL/CIP strives to:
  • Develop content to support learning and continuous improvement
  • Develop LL/CIP policy and doctrine that supports decision making, improves performance, and contributes to preparedness assessments
  • Promote a culture of learning and continuous improvement through the development and use of innovative tools, approaches, and processes
  • Foster participation in the LL/CIP among FEMA and the whole community
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