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Message from David Robinson, Associate Administrator, Mission Support Bureau

As the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and Program Manager for the Workplace Transformation initiative, Tonya Schreiber, leaves FEMA for a new opportunity at DHS, let’s take this opportunity to thank her for the hard work dedicated to ensuring FEMA’s workforce becomes more agile and that the workplace supports this fully mobile workforce.

Working with a team of diverse professionals from across the agency, Tonya led the effort to modernize the way FEMA thinks about the way it works. Changing the culture of an organization is no easy task, but Tonya carried the banner for mobility and collaborative working environments.  In addition, she and the team were successful on a number of other fronts, including: compliance with a mandated reduction in the federal footprint; improving the agency’s environmental sustainability record; and finding creative ways to achieve the facilities project objectives in a shrinking budgetary environment.  Her multi-faceted approach to the effort included changes to the physical facilities, improved communications, re-defining business practices, introducing new technologies, and defining new cultural norms for the agency.

In 6 short months, she and the team established and implemented a new vision and strategic plan that will integrate agency operations and serve as the foundation for the Workplace Transformation initiative.  The changes that she championed, can already be seen all throughout the agency as HQ staff prepare to move into new office spaces and field staff employ newly acquired business technologies.  These changes will undoubtedly be leveraged in our disaster efforts as well as we support first responders and citizens in the wake of crises.

With Tonya’s departure, Carla Gammon, Deputy Associate Administrator for Mission Support, will take on the role of Workplace Transformation Executive, in addition to her regular duties.  She and the team will continue the great work that is already underway and will no doubt have many more successes in transforming FEMA into a place that understands that work is what you do, not where you do it.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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