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From the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer/Support Services, Facilities Management Division

Great news!! The FEMA Workplace Transformation initiative is in full swing with a lot of exciting things happening, The goal is to consolidate and transition to an open workspace floorplan to make FEMA a more collaborative and accessible work environment. We have been very active over the last several months relocating program offices around the National Capital Region to prepare for construction and renovation activities that will better serve program office needs and allow them to more efficiently accomplish FEMA’s mission. Here is a list of the new location assignments for these program offices. We have a lot more activities on the horizon so stay tuned to further updates.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation as we keep moving forward.

500 C St.:

  • Office of Policy and Program Analysis – HQ, 7th floor North, Suite 731
  • Office of the Administrator – HQ, 7th floor North, Suites 722 & 724
  • Office of Chief Counsel – HQ, 7th floor North, Suites 716, 717, & 719
  • Enterprise Business Unit – HQ, 8th Floor South, Suites 801, 804, 810
  • Office of Response and Recovery: Readiness and Assessment – HQ, 6th Floor North, Workstations 619-4—619-9, 622-6 & 622-7

National Capital Region:

  • Office of Equal Rights – Patriots plaza 2nd floor, Northwest Suite
  • US Fire Administration – Portals, 3rd Floor, Office 349 and Area 350
  • Office of the Chief Counsel: Personal Law Branch – Portals, 3rd Floor, Offices 337-344, 347, & 348
  • National Preparedness Directorate – 800 K Street, 5th and 12th floor
  • Grants Program Directorate – 800 K Street, 9th and 12th floor
  • Office of the Chief Administrative Officer/Safety, Health and Medical Readiness Division – Crystal City, 8th Floor, Offices 807—818 & 860—862

Upcoming Renovations (500 C St.):

  • 2nd floor South – April through June
  • 8th floor North – March through June
  • 400 C Street Conference Center – April through October

Upcoming Moves (Washington Design Center):    

  • Support Services and Facilities Management Division move to 400 C Street – April 8

NOTICE:  The Design Center Conference Center is closed.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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