FEMA announces the appointment of two senior staff officials

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President Obama appoints new FEMA Chief of Staff

This week, Administrator Craig Fugate announced the appointment by President Barack Obama of of a Chief of Staff for FEMA.

Over the past four years, Michael A. Coen Jr., has served with distinction as Counselor to the Administrator and FEMA’s Deputy Chief of Staff, according to the memo.  He previously served at FEMA during the Clinton Administration and had a successful career in the private sector before rejoining the Agency in 2009.

“As Chief of Staff, Michael will ensure that FEMA continues to build upon the strides that we have made as a team over the past several years,” Fugate said in the memo. 

Coen has been charged by the Administrator with focusing the agency on the following key priorities:

  • Successfully implement the significant changes to FEMA’s authorities included in the Sandy Improvement Recovery Act of 2013 and the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012;
  • Continue our disaster workforce reforms by instituting the FEMA Qualification System and establishing the Reservists program, DHS Surge Force, FEMA Corps, and Incident Management Assistance Teams Pilot Program;
  • Establish the foundation concept of emergency management as a shared responsibility for how we do business in FEMA and across the Emergency Management team, and expand our relationships with new and existing partners spanning the public, private and civic sectors;
  • Invest in our permanent workforce through the FEMA Academies Leadership Program, Duty and Mission Readiness programs, workplace transformation initiatives, and other developmental opportunities; and
  • Reinforce our new level of fiscal discipline, effective funds management, and an evidence-based approach to evaluating our performance as a team.

“Above all, Michael will ensure that we continue to focus on the needs of disaster survivors and their communities,” Fugate said.

New Chief Administrative Officer Sworn In

Adminiistrator swears in Bob Waltemeyer in front of FEMA log and DHS flag.Mr. Robert “Bob” Waltemeyer was sworn in by the Administrator on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 as a member of the Senior Executive Service appointed to the position of Chief Administrative Officer on July 1, 2013. Bob is a recently retired 30-year U.S. Army veteran with unparalleled executive management skills and broad experience developing national strategic plans, policies and programs with peers and seniors among the staffs and senior leadership of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Federal agencies and National Security Council. Photo by Brittany Trotter, FEMA

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