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What is a Temporary Local Hire?

FEMA hires local residents, who are themselves disaster survivors, to help their fellow citizens in the recovery process. 

Selection: Most temporary local hires can be hired under a streamlined process instead of a competitive process.

How does Temporary Local Work Differ From Permanent Work?

Duration: A local hire’s term of employment is 120 days.  It may be extended in increments of 120 days for up to one year. 

Career Tenure and Competitive Status: Temporary local hires do not earn career tenure or competitive status in the Federal government.   This means that they must compete with the public for Federal jobs rather than receive preference.

How do I apply for a Temporary Position?

• For additional information on temporary local hire positions at FEMA contact the Regional Office for the area in which you live.
Steps to Applying - Find out what FEMA looks for in employees and how to apply for a job, including information for applicants with disabilities
Tips & Guidelines about Federal Employment - Get general information about applying for jobs in and working for the Federal Government

For more information on Temporary Local Hires, visit the FAQ.

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