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What is a Permanent Full-Time (PFT) Position?

Selection: PFT positions are “Competitive Service” jobs. This means they are filled based on ability.  The competitive process includes an application and interview. There may also be a written test and an evaluation of an applicant’s education, experience, and any other qualities needed to be successful in the job. 

Through fair and open competition, PFT jobs may be filled by:

  • Previous or current Federal employees, or
  • Those from outside the Federal government.

Rarely, certain types of PFT jobs fall under the excepted service, which excuses applicants from the competitive process, but does not allow the employee to gain competitive status.

Probationary Period: The first year of service is a “probationary” period, and the agency may let go a PFT employee at any time during this period. 

Duration: Permanent Full Time positions do not have a limited term.

Career Tenure and Competitive Status: After one year of continuous service, PFTs hired through the competitive process gain competitive status. After three years of continuous service, PFTs hired through the competitive process gain full career status. 
Full career status allows an employee to keep their competitive status if they leave the Federal government and later reapply for Federal jobs.

How do I apply for a PFT job?

Apply now for a PFT position at FEMA through the site.
Steps to Applying - Find out what FEMA looks for in employees and how to apply for a job, including information for applicants with disabilities
Tips & Guidelines about Federal Employment - Get general information about applying for jobs in and working for the Federal Government

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