FEMA Region IX: Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Program

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The Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Program integrates the protection and enhancement of environmental, historic, and cultural resources into FEMA's mission, programs, and activities. EHP helps to protect and enhance Tribes, States, Communities, and Peoples' essential life- and economy-sustaining natural resources, important and valuable historic properties, cultural heritage, and government services continuity.

It ensures that FEMA's activities including facility management, its Public and Individual Assistance programs, and all Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness grants comply with federal environmental and historic preservation laws, presidential executive orders, federal regulations, and matching tribal, state, and local requirements.  EHP also provides environmental and historic preservation technical assistance to FEMA staff, local, state, tribal, and federal partners.  EHP helps all FEMA programs, managers, and staff, meet their legal obligations for federal executive branch employees' ethics and conduct, Public Trust, due process, due diligence, work performance, and results.

Regional Environmental Officer:
Alessandro Amaglio
(510) 627-7284

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