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2011 Souris Valley Flood: Then & Now

Photographs in the aftermath of the 2011 Souris Valley Floods, and the same locations one year later.

Near Minot Public Library

Secretary Janet Napolitano and North Dakota Governor Jack Dalyrmple appear at a press conference with local ,state and other federal officials.A year after the Souris River Flood, traffic is back and busy on 6th St. NW in downtown Minot.

                                   July 2011                                                                           June 2012



Furniture and other personal property of evacuated families is stored at the MAYSA Arena in Minot, N.D.Overhead view of the MAYSA rink set up for roller derby.

                                    July 2011                                                                           June 2012


Northbound from 3rd St. Bridge view from Minot's Third Street Bridge. June 2012

                                       July 2011                                                                       June 2012


US Highway 2

US Highway 2 at Souris River crossing, June 2011. US Highway 2 at Souris River crossing, June 2012.

                                          July 2011                                                                   June 2012


Home repair progress

FEMA housing unit being placed. July 2011 Minot home now repaired. June 2012.

                                        July 2011                                                                    June 2012


4th Avenue North at Broadway

a temporary levee protecting much of northeast Minot 4th Avenue at Broadway, June 2012.

                                     July 2011                                                                       June 2012


Sandbag loading site

large sandbags used for emergency levees, July 2011. Site previously used for sandbag loading, June 2012.

                                   July 2011                                                                          June 2012


View at 3rd St and 5th Ave NW

View Along 5th Ave NW in Minot, July 2011. View Along 5th Ave NW in Minot, June 2012.

                                      July 2011                                                                     June 2012


Patriotic Home

A flag and doorframe at a former home site, October 2011. construction of new foundation at former home site, June 2012.

                                    July 2011                                                                            June 2012


Westbound view from Third Street Bridge

Westbound view from Third Street Bridge, June 2011. The Souris River flows quietly Minot.

                                     July 2011                                                                          June 2012


North Minot Homes

homes on wet side of levee, July 2011. View of North Minot homes, June 2012.

                                     July 2011                                                                        June 2012


16th Street SW near Second Avenue

 David Valdez/FEMA Minot, N.D., June 5, 2012 -- A year after the Souris River Flood, downtown Minot's 16th St. NW is busy during the noon lunch hour. Many Minot families lost their homes after the historic June 2011 Souris River Flood. Photo by Cynthia Hunter/FEMA

                                      July 2011                                                                         June 2012


Debris Removal Progress

People outside home with debris on the boulevard, October 2011. homes with no debris on boulevard, June 2012.

                                     July 2011                                                                        June 2012


Stay Strong Minot

Flood damaged home with sign out front that reads Stay Strong Minot 2011 July, 2011. A year after the Souris River Flood when waters crested below this home's balcony, flood stains are now gone and the home is pink again June 2012.

                                     July 2011                                                                         June 2012

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